Introduction: Why I Started this Blog

There I was, looking at the phone in disbelief.
The car mechanic on the other end asks if I’m still there. Yeah I’m there, but is he crazy? $2000 to get my car fixed. That left me with a conundrum: I could either pay to fix my car (which also doubles as my transportation to the dozens of meetings I planned over the coming weeks) or have money to pay my student loans.

This is the part in the movies that they don’t show you about creating a startup. Eric Ries said it best: the movies typically feature a protagonist with an amazing idea. Next comes the montage of events that occur over a 2 minute period, followed by a party being hosted at a company retreat in the not-to-distant future, featuring — you guessed it — the protagonist. What you quickly learn is that the montage is the most important part.

This brings me to why I decided to create this blog. Too many times, startup blogs are written assuming you either (1) have ample funding, (2) have ample time, (3) have wealthy friends and family or (4) all of the above. The fact is that most of us have little more than a dream and the passion to pursue that dream.

Unfortunately, dreams and passion aren’t enough to even get you out of the gate. When I first began Upswing, I spoke with a colleague who took great admiration in the fact that he left his six-figure job to pursue his startup. That is, actually, pretty admirable. But it gets you no further than anyone else.

Here’s the starting point you should keep in mind: Most startups fail.

Statistically, yours will too. Statistically, mine will as well.

In fact, if you go to any bank and ask for any amount of money, they will ask you one question – how old are you? That’s because most startups fail within the first two years.

So here’s the question you should ask yourself every. single. day. What am I going to do today to not fail?

Your first year is about not failing. It’s about creating a long enough runway to exist on. It’s about doing a whole lot with very, very little. My blog is an effort to show new entrepreneurs WITHOUT rich uncles, WITHOUT major initial funding, and even without the greatest resources how to survive, and get to the point where both customers and investors are interested in knowing more about you.

It’s not the easiest road, but it is very, very possible.

Hope you enjoy!

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